Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I've Been Up to Lately: Gardening and Quilting

Do you see that little guy in the middle there? That glorious, green, little orb represents weeks of worry, water, and fertilizer. That, folks, is my first tomato.

That's right; I'm gardening. And by gardening I mean I have a tomato plant in a  5 gallon planter...that's currently sitting in my neighbor's yard because my tiny excuse for a half-porch doesn't get direct sunlight. And so what if I bought it at Costco? It didn't have any tomatoes yet; that part was all me. And the soil. And the fertilizer. Which both came from Costco.

Actually, I sort of feel that each little tomato popping up is somewhat of a miracle, since my plant has been flowering for over a month and has seen snow and near freezing temperatures. In case you don't know (and as I've learned), tomato plants don't like that. If I were the tomato plant, I wouldn't want to fruit either.

Want to see the rest of my "garden"?

In other news, the ongoing saga of my niece's quilt is beginning to wrap up. Only two years after it began.

Yes, I'm a master quilter as well as a farmer.


  1. gardening? quilting? teach me your ways!

    come teach me how to use my sewing machine!

  2. Yeah right! You're the craft master. It is I who am the padawan and you who are the jedi. You should be teaching me!

  3. i just saw this comment.. and NOPE i think you are natually good at these things. i have to try really hard! and i basically have to wing it cause generally i have no idea what i'm doing :)