Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everyone loves pork fat

Especially me.

J and I decided that there's enough garlic used on these to burst the space time continuum, which is why my hands smelled like garlic the day before I actually cooked them.

And the day of. But I think J likes when I smell like ribs.

When we eat these, it's hard not to just shove them down our throats as fast as our breathing will allow. That's how good they are. Tender, juicy, barbecue-y pork fat. Can you blame us?

I'd love to disclose the recipe, but my brother has sworn me to secrecy (he's our family grill master). So, I thought I'd just post these pictures to tease everyone.

Just kidding. I like you too much for that. But aren't they tempting?


  1. You tease.
    Those morsels look absolutely mouth-watering.
    I'm coming over for dinner someday, just so you know. :P

  2. That first piece of meet looks like it has legs. By the way, I love BBQ ribs. When are we all going to get together for a BBQ?