Monday, March 8, 2010

How to use sirloin steak

There are a lot of reasons why I love Mexicans.  The taco is one of them.

You know I'm cheap.  Make that frugal.  Well, when it comes to beef, cheap cuts usually mean tough.  That's why these tacos are perfect-- the "toughness" doesn't matter.

Not only that, but these are fresh and healthy.  Do not read: low fat.  They are not the same for me.  Whoever said healthy can only mean low-fat was probably a shrewd, miserable person whose taste-buds fell off.  I think that, in a day, you need to keep your fat intake moderate and that you should strive to make those healthy fats whenever possible.  But never eating fat is as extreme as it is boring.

It's all about balance and moderation.

Hey, can you hand me the rest of those Skittles?  I dropped them on my ice cream filled chocolate cake.  Thanks.

Anyway, to make these, here's what you need:

Meg's Sirloin Tacos
(Note: I never measure anything.  It's not my style.  Too useful.  Portions will vary upon how many people you're cookin' for)
  • sirloin or flank steak
  • fresh tomatoes
  • fresh white onion
  • fresh avocado
  • corn tortillas
  • cheese
  • seasoning (i like cumin, oregano, and a little chili powder, but taco seasoning works too)
  • salt n' peppa
The key to these bad boys is to not over cook the meat.  American's love to overcook meat.  We're so afraid of the meat we cook it bone dry.  Here's what I like to do:
Get your pan HOT.  Stainless steel is really best for this. No oil.
Sear the outside VERY quickly and then turn it down to med/med low and finish cooking with the lid on and a little liquid of some sort (just a little) to keep it from drying out.  With flank steaks, you really probably want the middle pink; they're tough enough as it is. 

While they meat is searing, season it up.

When the meat is done, dice up the tomatoes, onions, and avocados and mix together.  Shred some cheese.  I go light on the cheese with these, unless I use chicken.

Toast the tortillas in a pan before serving. 

Easy, peasy!


  1. This is an answer to my cooking-impaired prayers. THANK you. :)

    PS: You take pretty pictures.

  2. Hey Meg,

    Love your blog's new look--very nice. Very nice. I'm excited to see what sorts of awesomeness and fun you have to post.


  3. Wow, what a beautiful blog, Meg! Looks delish! I don't measure, either. So unnecessary! Did I ever tell you that you should be bffs forever with my brother? You guys are like the same person: philosophy, food, arts (but he's a pianist, not a photographer.) Such fun! I am the same person too but with more shouting and bodily fluids thrown in. ha ha! Thanks for blog stalking me, that makes me so happy. :)

  4. Okay Meegan. Two things.

    1) I love that as I scroll down your blog I see an entry on using point and shoots followed immediately by an entry on how to use steak. Those are both things I desperately want to know how to use, so thank you.

    2) In all the years we have been friends, we have never cooked together. Nor have we really ever hung out. Both of which should be remedied.

    (incidentally, I have come across an amazing recipe I need to try out, and would love to have your skills along for the ride.)