Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome. Have some bread.

This is Susan's Farmhouse White Bread, which I modified to be mostly whole wheat (and added some flaxseed).  Julia Child, food genius, says that American methods for making bread involve too much yeast and heat, which causes the yeast to produce rancid gases, thereby tainting the taste of the loaf. 


What I like about Susan's Farmhouse bread (you can find it at Farmgirl Fare) is that she uses very little yeast and does a much slower rise (slow because of the lack of heat).  This allows the flavors of the grains to come through.  Yum!


  1. Oh my dear, dear roommate! Your blog is to die for!!! I just love it! It brought me back to all of the wonderful dishes that you have made, and unfortunately with a schedule that has me feel like I'm speed walking from here to Timbuckoo (spelling?) in under 3 hours, I have never gotten to try any of these amazing creations of yours. Luckily I will still be living with you, and assuming that my life will one day indeed slow down and not have me running out the door every time you are making these lovely creations, I will get the chance to partake. I am looking forward to that blessed day! hehe!

  2. Always yours for the taking, sweet Ky. Always :)